Insulation and Drywall

Today we are going to discuss an important part when it comes to drywall and that is: insulation. Indeed, it is getting colder outside and you might be thinking about how to stay warmer this winter and insulation is a key solution to your home improvement needs. We are going to get into the details about why you need insulation, what you will need to get installed and how it is done right. So let’s not waste anymore time & get right into it, shall we? 

The chief reason why you will need insulation in drywall is to keep the heat in your rooms. Not having it will result in your rooms being cold (especially in the winter) and you do not want that! The second reason is insulation works as a great filling in your walls and makes them less hollow from the inside. And, finally, insulation will definitely keep your electrical and/or heating bill lower. 

The reasons why you need insulation in your drywall are pretty straight forward. However, getting it installed is when the progress actually begins. Before proceeding to installing the actual insulation you have to make sure all the wires & electrical equipment are safely in place and out of the way. This is an important safety step. You also have to check for mold and any other debris that might cause blockage when you are putting up the insulation. 

Drywall insulation work being done 

These are very important steps and later on an inspector will come and inspect your wall insulation and you want to make sure it has been installed in compliance with rules & regulations. At Drywall Pro-Finishing, we are experts at installing insulation in accordance with home & safety regulations. 

Once your walls are prepared and ready, you may proceed in installing the actual insulation. Get your insulation ready. There are different types of insulation, we use the Rolls & Batts insulation. This is the best material that you may choose from. The other tools that you will need are the following: staple guns, knives, mask, safety glasses & gloves, measuring tape, red tape and work lights so that you can see properly where you are installing. Please make sure that you are always keeping safety in mind

Cut the insulation according the size of your walls (you can measure with your tape) and proceed to stapling it to the walls and frames. Once the insulation is up, cover it with vapour-barrier and feed it into the wooden frames and then re-enforce the wrap with red-tape at joints, openings or where the tape is needed. 

With these instructions you will have an insulated wall that is ready for drywall to be put over it. We understand that might be a lot of work to do, so why not let the professionals take care of it? At Drywall Pro-Finishing, we got the tools & now how to complete these types of projects for you. We are always looking forward to get in touch with you and to explain to you the whole process. Stay tuned for more info, advice, and news from Drywall Pro-Finishing and as always we would like to wish you all the best with your home improvement goals.