Why should you get your popcorn ceiling removed

Today at Drywall Pro – Finishing, we will discuss why you should get your popcorn ceiling removed this summer. You might of been already contemplating this and we are here to help you make that final decision. Indeed, it is a really good idea to get it removed. Let’s get into some more details about why you should get your popcorn ceiling removed.

First and foremost, it is simply outdated. It is better to have a nice smooth ceiling than the old popcorn ceiling style. If you are planning to sell or renovate, the removing of your popcorn (stucco) ceiling will make your room(s) look more modern and attractive to guests or to even potential buyers. Aren’t you tired of looking at that outdated texture?

Secondly, popcorn ceiling does tend to slowly dissolve into the air over time and thus getting into the air circulation of your home. You don’t want to be breathing that stuff in! Getting the stucco removed will ensure that you have much cleaner air circulation in your rooms. It really can irritate some people who have breathing issues that are staying in your home. Indeed, that popcorn ceiling material can really be hazard to your health! Get rid of it.

Popcorn ceiling removal at Drywall Pro – Finishing

Thirdly, you want to have a nice smooth ceiling when you look up at your ceilings. That popcorn ceiling simply doesn’t look great! Many people want to have it removed and we understand that. This is why our professional workmen get the job done right away so that you wont have to look at it again. At Drywall Pro – Finishing, we have the resources, know-how and manpower to get the job done right before your eyes. Contact us today for more info.

Stay tuned for more drywall related news, info & advice from Drywall Pro – Finishing and as always we are looking forward to be Finishing the project that you had in mind for You!