4 reasons to get your drywall installed this fall!

It’s September! Kids go back to school and everyone prepares for warmer clothes for fall, but what about your house? Did you know drywall ideally should be installed in temperatures of 12° Celsius or higher! Like all solid materials, drywall expands or contracts depending on the temperature.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should get your drywall installed this fall!

Fall is the best season to install drywall

Before it gets cold

Cold weather increases drying time for the materials used to finish drywall. Especially the joint compound should not be used at temperatures below 12° Celsius. Ideal conditions are temperatures between 18° and 27° Celsius with a humidity level between 20% to 40%.

Quicker, cheaper and safer

The Installing process of drywall is quicker as it requires less time and labor as compared to plaster. This also drastically reduces the installation cost overall. Drywall works as a sound buffer as it helps to reduce noise. It also has fire-resistant properties due to the water in the boards.

Accommodate guests

Apart from creating walls and ceilings with drywalls, one can create various design features including; eaves, arches, and other architectural specialties. It’s quick and easy to install, incredibly durable and requires only simple repairs when damaged. Who doesn’t like to stay in a freshly renovated home? After installing the drywall, it’s the best opportunity to have guests over and get complimented over your well-done house!

Enjoy a dry and warm Christmas indoors!

When you have a sparkling fresh home thanks to your new drywall and winter sets in, its time to celebrate a worry-free Christmas with your family and friends! Set up that Christmas tree and pretty ornaments, gather around it to take the best insta photos with crack free walls!

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