Popcorn ceiling removal in your area

The festive season is fast approaching and you might find yourself thinking about home improvement before Christmas begins. You are inspecting your property and you look up and you see a popcorn/ stucco ceiling. You might say to yourself: “boy, would I love to get rid of that old-fashioned texture!”. “Besides, it would be great Read more about Popcorn ceiling removal in your area[…]


How to do taping, mudding & sanding in Drywall

First, we would like to mention that it is highly recommended for you to hire a professional drywall contractor like Drywall Pro-Finishing because these types of projects are extensive and expensive. And, always, please keep safety in mind and use safety gear each & every time when undertaking a project.  Today we are going to Read more about How to do taping, mudding & sanding in Drywall[…]