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4 reasons to get your drywall installed this fall!

It’s September! Kids go back to school and everyone prepares for warmer clothes for fall, but what about your house? Did you know drywall ideally should be installed in temperatures of 12° Celsius or higher! Like all solid materials, drywall expands or contracts depending on the temperature. Here are the top 4 reasons why you Read more about 4 reasons to get your drywall installed this fall![…]


Why should you get your popcorn ceiling removed

Today at Drywall Pro – Finishing, we will discuss why you should get your popcorn ceiling removed this summer. You might of been already contemplating this and we are here to help you make that final decision. Indeed, it is a really good idea to get it removed. Let’s get into some more details about Read more about Why should you get your popcorn ceiling removed[…]


How free quotes/ estimates are done when it comes to Drywall

We hope that you are having a wonderful start to 2019! We are already getting into our projects and one of the most common questions that we get at Drywall Prop-Finishing is how do I get a free quote/ estimate for a drywall project? Today, we are going to get into answering this question. The Read more about How free quotes/ estimates are done when it comes to Drywall[…]


2019: year of drywall construction

2019 is here and we are looking at another great year full of drywall construction projects that are modern, up-to-date and compliance friendly in your area! So, what are the plans? We are looking forward to be building more & more in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), including Milton, Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Vaughan, Richmond Hill Read more about 2019: year of drywall construction[…]


Popcorn ceiling removal in your area

The festive season is fast approaching and you might find yourself thinking about home improvement before Christmas begins. You are inspecting your property and you look up and you see a popcorn/ stucco ceiling. You might say to yourself: “boy, would I love to get rid of that old-fashioned texture!”. “Besides, it would be great Read more about Popcorn ceiling removal in your area[…]