4 ways to deal with mold on your drywall

There are many reasons why would you need drywall services done. You might need a new room constructed or replace a whole wall but one of the main reasons why people get drywall services is because they have discovered mold on it. What causes mold on drywall? It could be from a leaking pipe, rain or any exposure to moisture that has been left on your wall to gnaw. Once the mold starts, it begins to spread throughout the wall and increasing in size for as long as it is left there. Today we are going to discuss how to prevent it or if it is already there, how to deal with the mold on your walls. 

You probably spotted some mold on one of your walls and you asking yourself: what do I do now? The first step (1) is to find or figure out the reason why the mold has happened. Is it a leaking pipe? Or is it because your children spilled water all over it and since the water splash was hidden behind furniture it developed into mold? Either way,  our specialists at Drywall Pro-Finishing will be able to tell you why it happened. But, let’s say it is one of the most common reasons: a broken pipe. You first have to make sure it is turned off to prevent more damage to your wall and then you can proceed to the next step. If it is not a pipe or continuing water, wipe the moisture off and continue.

(2) The second step, is for you to evaluate how much mold there really is and if it looks like it is its beginning stages or not. You can tell by the amount of it and by the spread of it if it has developed into a serious issue or not. If it seems like it is in its early stages, then you can use water & bleach. Mix the two up and brush the liquid on the mold and let it soak on it for a bit and the mold should go away.

(3) If the mold is not going away, it is because it reached into more developed stages. In this case head over to your local department store and buy some household detergent. Most of them work but make sure you ask the workers there if it is right for mold or not just to be sure. Come back home and do some spraying!

(4)  You have tried bleach, household materials that you bought at a department store and the mold is still there, then it is a good idea to call the drywall experts to repair the wall for you! At Drywall Pro-Finishing we used to deal with all kinds of wall-related problems and we are dedicated to resolving it. We will let you know if a portion of the wall needs to repaired or the whole wall needs to be reconstructed. We really do hope that the mold never progressed to these levels but if it has we are here to fix it. 

One of the best ways to avoid mold is to prevent it in the first place or finding out about it ahead of time. Sure, you might not know ahead of time if it is a leaking pipe but if you see water splashed on the wall or rain, it is a good idea to wipe it off or to check for moisture regularly. We also take steps to prevent from this happening again such as suggesting to you the cause of the mold and what can be done. If you find mold or if you have other drywall-related damage such as cracks, we are here to help for once and for all. So, why not contact us today to find out how we can solve and finish your drywall project right away?

Stay tuned for more Drywall-related news, advice, information and much more from Drywall Pro-Finishing! And, as always we wish you all the best in your property improvement projects and staying constructive!