Why get drywall work done this season

Winter is here and we’re going to do a year in review and go over what has been covered in 2018 and why you should get drywall work done at your home. Indeed, we have went through a lot of work, material, and information and today we are going to go over a recap about what has been discussed previously.  

So, why should you get drywall work done? The main reason is to create new rooms that are built to keep heating/ air circulation in a well built foundation. How do you do that? You have to professionally install insulation and ventilation that is not obstructed by wires, boards, etc. We are going to get into more details below but before we do, please read all of the text before proceeding and always keep safety in mind. Do not undertake projects that you think might be too much for you. Especially if it is ceiling related.  

How do you get drywall installed? Two words: plasterboard and frames. The harder part is getting the actually boards installed. You will need to locate that frames, do the measurements of them and match them with the boards. You will need to screw the boards into the frames with hinges and screws them in and then ‘mud’ over them. We go over the specific details if you click: here.

Don’t forget the insulation! You don’t want your rooms to be cold this winter, we go over how to do that in this newsletter: (click here). Insulation is super important and having it properly installed is also paramount for your home’s foundation. Getting the insulation is easier than installing the plasterboard but you still must pay very close attention to how you are putting it in. We would say ceiling work is one of the more challenging tasks of our job. 

What are some of the other reasons you would get drywall? Here are some of the reasons why you would get it done:

  • You want new rooms to accommodate guests/ family members
  • A storage room 
  • A new office
  • Increase the value of your property 
  • Call us if you have any questions if drywall is right for you!

All of this is great but you have to make sure the rooms are safety compliant for inspectors to approve. At Drywall Pro-Finishing, we make sure that the job is done right and ready for inspection. We have years of experience when it comes to building professional walls that are in accordance to the rules & regulations when it comes to safety. 

A year in review…

Indeed, safety comes first. Throughout our newsletters we have discussed how to take projects and each & every time we stress the importance of safety. We highly recommend that you hire professionals to do it. By getting a drywall contractor like Drywall Pro-Finishing, you get to save money, time and resources. Making a mistake in large-scale projects, especially doing the ceiling, could be dangerous! This is why we encourage you to pick up the phone and give us a call and have  the professionals do the drywall work done for once and for all. 

We would like to wish you all the best in the upcoming New Year with your projects and we are always looking forward to be in touch with you to explain to you how we can improve your home. Stay tuned for drywall-related news, info, and advice from Drywall Pro-Finishing!